EDSA Knowledge

EDSA Knowledge aims to be a leading technical training provider in the South East Asia and raises the software proficiency and efficiency of relevant industries.


“The Course allowed me to understand the basics of equipment layout for various process equipments and design considerations to achieve optimal layouts.”

Mr. Alex Kor
Lead Piping Engineer, UOP Malaysia Sdn Bhd, MALAYSIA.

“The design and analysis always go together. We cannot analyze without knowledge of piping design. This is why this course is important to my job.”

Mr. Ruetima Dhammaraksa
Piping Stress Engineer, PTT Maintenace & Engineering Co., Ltd, THAILAND.

“Most of the content is really relevant to what i am working now.My knowledge was enhanced and now I am able to perform better and at the same time provide better service to other Petronas companies.”

M. Ikhwan Nawawi
Mechanical Engineer, Group Technology Solution Petronas, MALAYSIA.

“As most of the time i will be in touch with ASME div 2, this course has enhanced my knowledge, allowed me to make my sales proposal more cost effectively, and also allowed me to engage in better conversations with fabriicators.”

Ms. Tracy Poon
Sale Application Engineer, Peerless Manufacturing Co., SINGAPORE.

“As my line of work involves piping, it is very much applicable from material selection to fittings and valves all the way to testing and examinations.”

Mr. Alan Chan
Static Mechanical Engineer, Sarawak Shell Bhd, MALAYSIA.