PIPENET™ is widely used in the oil and gas industry. It is also used across the globe in many other industries. PIPENET™ can be used for hydrocarbon fluids, water and steam. PIPENET™ leads the way in fluid flow analysis. PIPENET™ is the program for you. The three powerful modules of PIPENET™ are used extensively and all over the globe; PIPENET™ Transient Module, PIPENET™ Spray Sprinkler Module  and PIPENET™ Standard Module.



PIPENET™ Module  

Why engineers choose PIPENET™ for their HYDRAULIC Calculation? 

  • PIPENET™ sets the standard – leads the way in flow analysis – the best!
  • PIPENET™ starts at the design phase. It performs pipe sizing and pump selection calculations in the steady state. From there it goes all the way to computing hydraulic loads for pipe stress analysis and support design, through several optional stages depending on exactly what the user requires.
  • PIPENET™ has been in use across the globe for over 25 years, by companies large and small, including many multinationals, in the oil and gas, process, fire protection, ship building, and power generation industries.
  • PIPENET™ is flexible, offers a wide selection of units, user-defined pipe schedules, fittings libraries and pump characteristics.
  • PIPENET™ is constantly being updated and enhanced, putting us at the forefront of pipework and pipeline design technology.
  • SUNRISE SYSTEMS is accredited with ISO 9001.

The 3 independent modules which made up PIPENET™

PIPENET™ Standard Module

PIPENET™ Standard Module is the perfect tool for solving general flow problems with liquids, gases or steam – in pipe and duct networks – cooling water systems, steam distribution systems, HVAC systems. Learn more…

PIPENET™ Spray/Sprinkler Module

PIPENET™ Spray/Sprinkler Module sets the global standard for the design of fire protection systems especially in the oil, gas and process plant industries – deluge, ringmain, sprinkler or foam concentrate systems. Learn more…

PIPENET™ Transient Module

PIPENET™ Transient Module is ideal for unsteady flow problems such as ‘water hammer’, ‘steam hammer’, control systems and hydraulic forces for pipe stress analysis. Learn more…

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Sunrise System Pte Ltd

PIPENET™ has been in use across the globe for over 26 years, by companies large and small, including many multinationals, in the oil and gas, power generation, process, shipbuilding and fire protection industries. Back-up with tremendous experiences in the industries, each PIPENET™ modules is designed to brings its own specialized quality to any project – the shared link between all three modules being high quality, easily understood, reliable results every time – valued highly by highly skilled industry. Many other industries have discovered the value of PIPENET™. Where pipes are involved, PIPENET™ is the answer and Sunrise Systems is behind the real work. Based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Sunrise Systems has an office in Houston, Texas and a network of outstanding marketing partners across the globe where EDSA covers South East Asia region.